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Default Re: Hurricane Irene

Good morning from the UK. I live in Cornwall, we are the pointy bit down at the bottom of the UK. We stick out into the Atlantic and so obviously we get some serious gales. 100 mph is not unusual in the winter and we are prepared for it.
The main thing is to take shelter somewhere solid. Cornish houses are built of granite and slate for that reason. They are low solid buildings that will stand up to just about anything. After that you just tough it out. Expect power outages.

Our news services are full of Irene, we're all hoping for the best for you. Your biggest problem in New York is likely to be the storm surge. If it is high enough then the harbour area may be inundated. The other hazard will be of stuff blowing around and we are seeing lots of clips of people putting plywood panels over their windows and clearing their area of stuff that might blow away.

Good luck all. Keep safe and don't be a hero!
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