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Default Re: Hurricane Irene

I got a call this afternoon, totally out of the blue, to sub tonight in Doylestown, PA. Blues gig. Cool, I love adventures, braving a hurricane to play with some new musicians. Got there at 7:30, started at 8:30 and they cut us loose at 10:00. I couldn't believe anyone would even consider a band tonight, but I made another good business contact, well worth it. There were some people there, to my surprise. My wife said if I took the gig she was leaving me lol. She was dead serious at the time lol. (I knew it would never happen, she is one of these people who suffer thousands of catastrophies, nearly all of which never occur) I knew she would be fine until I got home, she wouldn't be home until 9:30 PM from work anyway. So I risked my marriage to play lol.

I got home in plenty of time to assure my honey that Daddy was home and everything would be OK. Power went out an hour after I got home, just as I expected. Fired up the generator, and riding Irene for all she's worth, in total comfort. YEE HAA!

The news around here is scaring the scat out of everyone. They would have you think that a tree will fall on your house, projectiles will impale you to your cabinets, you will be stepping on broken glass, hitting your head, and all kinds of insane stuff. They were actually instructing people to get a 3x5 card, write your name and SS# and put it in a plastic bag in your shoe. Not a sandal, a shoe. So when you wash up somewhere, someone can identify you.

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