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Default Re: Guitar Amps

The Blues Jr. is a kick ass amp for the money and very portable. So are the Hot Rod series, though the old ones had som reliability issues.

This is a question on a drum forum where I actually have some knowledge. lol

You`d have to be a bit more spesific in regards to tone, budget and how much volume you need or don`t need. (and how much you`re willing to carry)

My own "Marshall" is a Suhr Handwired Michael Landau model. Great refined "plexi" tone. It`s big though, and to most gigs I bring and old BF Pro Reverb.

If you want a standard 100 watt head then JCM 800s are great. If you want more versatility then JCM 2000 might fit the bill. Stay away from 900s, no, run away from them, They suck big time. There are however many new great companies out there. One I definely would check out would be Fargen amps. Top notch stuff at a very reasonable price.
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