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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Diego, you know what? I've never been sexually harassed on this forum. Either you guys are amazingly civilised or I'm doing something wrong!

DMC, your caricature turned out really well. I flubbed Abe's one though (sorry Abe). All the arts are the same in that sense - sometimes you get it right, sometimes you miss the mark.

UFF, the cheque's in the mail :)

I think on these "Joe Drummer Here!" threads there's supposed to be a Q&A about their playing. So you guys are supposed to ask me about my drum gear, the gigs I'm playing and how I play things (eg. How come you still play like a beginner after 30 years of drumming? :). It would be like reality TV where someone mediocre is put in front of the cameras and people can watch how they cope lol

Or ... I could set you guys a challenge, like the SNA Challenge. A version of the Police's Message in a Bottle without Stewart playing is attached ... no prize I'm afraid. Just the glory ...
hmmm. lemme think about it.
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