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Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
Oh, boy.. let's see how much it takes for the x-rated-ish comments to start appearing...

(Man, if it gets like this on the public forums I don't even wanna imagine the kind of PM's that Polly must receive daily).. :D
Diego, you know what? I've never been sexually harassed on this forum. Either you guys are amazingly civilised or I'm doing something wrong!

DMC, your caricature turned out really well. I flubbed Abe's one though (sorry Abe). All the arts are the same in that sense - sometimes you get it right, sometimes you miss the mark.

UFF, the cheque's in the mail :)

I think on these "Joe Drummer Here!" threads there's supposed to be a Q&A about their playing. So you guys are supposed to ask me about my drum gear, the gigs I'm playing and how I play things (eg. How come you still play like a beginner after 30 years of drumming? :). It would be like reality TV where someone mediocre is put in front of the cameras and people can watch how they cope lol

Or ... I could set you guys a challenge, like the SNA Challenge. A version of the Police's Message in a Bottle without Stewart playing is attached ... no prize I'm afraid. Just the glory ...
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