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Default Cubase license question, anyone?

Alright you 'orrible lot, see if you can help me with a quandary I've encountered on my travels through the world of Cubase.

I had been using Cubase Studio 4 for some time. Earlier this year I upgraded the license to a full Cubase 6 license. Since Cubase 6 doesn't run on Mac OS 10.4.11 which is what I'm usually using, it's been installed as planned on my mum's laptop running Windows 7 (we did a sort of joint ownership thing where I'm going to teach her how to use it etc). However, what I didn't realise is that when you upgrade from a Cubase Studio license to a full Cubase license, you are no longer able to run the Studio (intermediate-priced) version of the software, only the full version! Since I used to run Studio 4 on my Mac and on the PC I used to use, I can no longer access any of the projects!

This puts me in a rather strange situation, in that I need to get hold of full versions of Cubase 4 (and ideally 5 as well), but I don't need any sort of license key crack or anything because I do actually own a license...yet of course I'd have to actually buy another, older version of the software I already own in order to get it from Steinberg anyway. I just need the files that would be installed to the computer from the DVD, or a DVD itself, which won't run without the license key.

Can anyone offer me any good ideas about what to do, as I'm a bit confused about the whole thing!
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