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Default Re: Zach Hill!!!

I was just reading the thread and i agree that both chippendale and hill are insane drummers

zach hill is amazing, his ability to create such complex riffs is astounding. chippendale is much more simple compaired to hill, but has just so much more energy. to compare the two drummers is very difficult to do. hella is heavily influenced by frank zappa and captain beefheart... my father described them as Beefheart on speed. naturally hill is a more complex drummer when he gets his ideas from two geniuses of music. chippendale (and his bass bud Brian Gibson) sound much more influenced by punk music and ambient sound than more "classical" music such as Zappa and Beefheart. i would say that Hella should be considered Avant-Garde where-as the Bolt should be considered Noise Punk.

No matter what, both drummers are masters of the art of beating their drums to splinters. they are incredible.
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