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Default Re: New guy in here!

OK, got some updates.
I`ve cleaned the 2002`s with Paiste Cymbal Cleaner AND have keeped the logos intact.. They cleaned out really nicely, but the stains appeared to be rust. I`ll give them another wash with cleaning agent, but I doubt i`ll be able to get the rust off.
Now, one question. I`v always loved the look of the wooden bass drum hoops of the Gretsch Catalina, laquered only on the outer edge.
I`ve got a friend who has a bass drum with wooden hoops, but they are in pretty bad condition.The drums have been neglected and abused, they`ve been scratched, bruised and god knows what else. Judging from the pictures below, i`d like an opinion from you guys. Is it worth trading my steel hoops for these ones and refurbish them? If yes, how can they be refurbished?

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