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Originally Posted by Messerschmitt View Post
Hope nobody will get mad for posting this, as it isn`t really a mod...
Long story short: I`ve made myself two cymbal stands from crap i found around, and needed one final thing: FELTS. And i tought to myself, why not do my own? What i did is got a couple of pairs of.. those things you put in your boots ( don`t know how they are called in english) made from felt and cut some round discs, then made a hole, and there you go. They`re not perfectly round, they don`t look classy, but they do the job very well. I usually stack 3 "discs" on the bottom and 3 above, wich is more than enough.
Here are some pics, tell me what you guys think.
Hey, this is a great Do It Yourself (DIY) project! You can make your own size felts and I find that smaller felts work better for smaller cymbals. You can also use felts to raise the cymbal lower or higher to get the right amount of tightness on the wing nut.
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