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Default Re: Internal muffler options

I really prefer internal mufflers though, so I guess I'll go with the round one.. Actually, more to the point, I can't stand snare ring. I know that some snare ring is "in style" or something, but I really can't handle it.

I recently bought a B/O Supra with the muffler taken out. I put a coated PS3 batter and a moongel on it to get rid of the ring. Sure enough the ring was gone, but it was dead as a door nail and sounded like ass compared to my cheapo Percussion Plus steel snare with a normal Coated Amby and an internal muffler. I don't know what wrong with my ear, but Roy Haynes doesn't mind them since he special requested an internal muffler on his Yamaha sig snare. I guess they can't be that bad...

Thanks again for the replies guys.
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