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Default Re: Internal muffler options

Very common is/was the practice of taking those internal muffler devices out of the drums, completely. They don't work so well, they rattle, they work ... but not the way you want them to....
If you're building a brand new drum, and you want it to look "authentic" ... I don't see the point of using a baseball bat type muffler .... just use "vintage" looking lugs, and leave it at that. You'll get the "retro" vibe ... with modern performance.
If you're doing a "vintage" restoration, then use as many correct, vintage parts, as you can. If you want the drum to have "vintage" value.
Also remember, not all vintage drums came with mufflers. Guys would "special order" their drums without. Either because, they didn't want any mufflers .... or they wanted to install a different type of muffler ...
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