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Default Re: Internal muffler options

If I was restoring a vintage drum, I'd keep all the parts original. So If I had a pre 1970 Supra then I'd use a baseball bat muffler. After that date, I'd keep it authentic and use the round one.

As for their effectiveness. I have a '65 supra with a baseball bat muffler. Yeah, it can be fully engaged, partially engaed or completely off......doesn't really matter as the thing is useless anyway. I've noted that it never stays in place for too long and if I ever wanted to muffle that drum then I used an external muffling source (namely moongel or gaffer)......however, it's also just possible that that's my drum (and my old man who also has a '66 with BB muffler...he doesn't use his either) and not common to others. Perhaps I just need to do a bit of work on it to get it back into working order, but quite frankly, I just can't be bothered as it's not common for me to muffle my snares anyway.
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