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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by belairien View Post
Im only 20, yet i love The Beatles, Dio, Pink Floyd, and a bunch of other bands and artists from before my time. But ive noticed even rock and heavy metal of today sound more and more alike, along with all the pop artists.
Yes, there's a lot copying of successful formulas hitting the mainstream and increasingly less musical adventure. The pop scene is moving in ever-decreasing circles, becoming more constrained and conservative. It's much harder now for people to take creative risks because of the pressure cooker competition for the few opportunities available, hence the popularity of tribute bands.

Allied to this is the strong emphasis on "professionalism", which makes it hard for young players (especially renegades) to crack the scene. Not to mention the whole drum machine thing. Professionalism and perfection doesn't do it for me; I get enough of that in the office. When I see a band I want rawness and buzz. If they can perform their music perfectly, great, but I want the empasis on the buzz first.

The only place to find cool new music is on the web (in Oz, though I'm told there are some good "underground" US radio stations). My nephew is 19 and he's keen on Floyd too ... along with some hip hop and techno that doofs you into submission within minutes.
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