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Of Queen...

You know I can't recall anyone ever talking about him on these forums, let alone seeing a thread. I was deeply listening to Queen II to other day, I'm really astonished by his playing on that record especially, because he is playing orchestrally. It's up there with my favorite (to play along with) DRUMMERS records, just well placed flourishes, fills and pure taste. Never noticed him much in the grand scheme of things when I was alot younger listeing to Queen albums probably due to the fact of Freddy and Brian, but Rog really adds alot to the Queen's music (and he's always sing one of his own songs on each LP too, hehe), much more then you'd think...

Most would/will probably immedialty think "We Will Rock You" or even "I'm In Love With My Car", but he has done brilliant playing all over Queen's entire catalog, even lesser known songs like White Queen, Stormtroopers in Stilettoes, Death On 2 Legs, Ogre Battle, ect....

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