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Default Computer Tablet questions

I'm trying to find a PC tablet that runs microsoft windows (the best version a tablet can run). I need one that I can use a stylist pen with that has no keyboard. I need one that I can use the stylist pen to write emails, web addresses, web searches, etc. I need one that I don't need to use any kind of a mouse with and does not have a pad for using your finger to move the cursor like on a regular laptop (I want to use the stylist pen for that). I also need one that can play youtube video's very well. It would be great if it didn't cost me an arm and a leg as well.

I need this because typing on a keyboard and using a mouse really causes my hands and arms pain and discomfort (I'm having somebody type this for me to avoid said pain and discomfort).

Can anybody give me any good suggestions on what models I should look at buying?
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