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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Hey Matt! How did your travel to Eastern Europe come in the first place? Is it kind
of "easier to get gigs" in countries like Romania and Montenegro, or wasn't that your
main concern? I suppose you weren't the only good drummer there, were you?
Did you meet any Americans living there?
I went to middle school in Romania when the family moved there via my dad's acceptance of a two year Senior Fulbright Professorship at the National Conservatory of Music in Bucharest. At that time I studied twice a week with Romania's greatest drummer Vlad Popescu and he became the mentor who seriously got me going. So I already knew my way around Bucharest, had been going back every couple of years when Dad would have his summer music camp, and knew that for Europe things were pretty cheap. Yeah, it's easier to get gigs out that way because so many of the artists have taken off to the west to stake their claim after being stuck for so many years. When Romania joined the EU 4 years ago the place kind of emptied out. So perfect for me. There were probably a dozen full time drummers there and Vlad remained the best one, but was always tied up in somebody's house gig. So that opened things up for me. But the money was never good so you always knew things were temporary.

I saw few Americans except those passing through.
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