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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Has it been a long running interest of yours? You've played with some good ones over the years Bob. I'd wager you can call on some pretty solid players for a tip or two.

You said the gig with Mick and co is just a side gig. I take it you still have a lot of other irons in the fire.....have you managed to get any kit time in to satisfy the drumming itch?
My fave drummer is Peter Heckenberg, a Sydney lad who moved to NY about 10 years ago to teach up-market kids. I've recently begun recording for myself, & Heck has been sending me drum tracks from his home studio. He doesn't have a collection of API mic pre's etc, but he does have that groove. I've taken to analysing drummers (hence a post in the "techniques" forum) & I just don't get it - Heck's playing looks to be perfectly in time (I pull up a grid to see) but it sounds so comfortable & loose. It's got me buggered how he does that! You may have surmised that I get pretty anal about stuff.

Yes, I've been fortunate enough to hang with some very good drummers - guitar players are in general a pretty boring bunch, they keep pathetically waffling on about "vintage" stuff, which I couldn't care less about........ So yeah, I do annoy them with questions. The really good ones just seem to try to play "in time" to the best of their abilities, yet their grooves are so different. I love Maz's groove (as in Boom Crash Opera, Raw Brit etc) & have asked him to come in & whack away & record on my MIDI kit so I can analyse him, too!

My own drumming is very basic. Read: pretty much total crap. But I do love playing! I'm a huge fan of Ted McKenna, Simon Kirke, Al Jackson, Elvin Jones, Gene Krupa, John Lee (The Dingoes) the usual suspects. I admit to using software to fix stuff, however, I've found that if I don't approach the part the right way, no amount of fixing will make it sound acceptable & I don't want to program everything that Heck isn't playing on.

Sorry about the lengthy reply. Oops!

Off to coach for my kids music program.

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