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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

I just ran through the last few posts in this thread so what I say might be repetitive - here's my opinion:

In the end, you get what you deserve ('you' meaning those earthlings which have a pretty low standard on 'musical aesthetics', creative/organic melodic/rhythmic structures etc. but those which merely qualify as 'consumers' because that's what they are. OTOH, if even THAT music (being as low quality in terms of 'music substance' it is is enough to please those mass consumers, then everything is in balance in this regard.

Also, the term 'music BUSINESS' implies it's about making money. I can fully understand that the music business produces products which are most successful on the market. The higher musical standard, the less people will like/buy it. Or the other way round - no surprise, no mystery.

So we can rant our *sses off but it doesn't really help. Personally, I classify those 'mass music consumers' into 2 categories:

1) peeps who understand that this music is pretty low standard but like it nonetheless (their understanding stems from either a minimal amount of intellect or because they play an instrument themselves)

2) peeps who 'like' the music simply because what is airplayed massively for months or years WILL stick in one's ear (paramount parameter: hooklines!!! - although hooks can be good but you know what I mean) - quality doesn't matter because the masses are conditioned to this music sh*t. These folks remind me of a herd of lemmings - they follow wherever their leaders (=radio/tv airplay, music industry, mass media) will lead them - could well be into an abyss.

Unfortunately, this 2nd category forms the majority.

Some 20 yrs back when I began paying more attention to music and learning an instrument (first el. guitar, then ac. guitar and 1 year ago drums) there were genres of music I utterly hated (e.g. rap, techno... up to the present day), but now I've grown more tolerated towards other people's opinions (if they do have one - some people seem to be simply too stupid to have an 'own' opinion). I've learned from other musicians which I highly appreciate that as long as someone has a benefit or satisfaction when listening to ANY music, this makes sense and cannot be wrong. I do prefer to ignore the genres I'm not into, but I try not to rant on them too much. Because people are different and are entitled to different opinions. BTW, I have no problems liking diverse music genres/styles, ranging from Sarah Brightman to Slayer. I think a bit open-mindedness is a good thing (I came to this opinion gradually...).

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