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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words! Hope you're having fun navigating through your lessons......always remember to have fun.

Mark S---

Thanks, man. I really appreciate your order and I hope you dig it. Thanks so much! Cheers.


I saw your youtube post. Man, it's hard to please you with bass drums now, isn't it? Well, the last time we played Rama was actually 5 years ago, and that over zealous sound guy was multi Grammy nominated Gary Loizzo, who's mixed the band for 15 years and recorded every Styx record since '77. And it's interesting because out of 1600 shows with personal guests at every one of them, I've never heard that complaint. Different strokes I suppose, and sorry it distracted from your enjoyment of the show. And yes, JJ has been in our crew for years. Great guy indeed. I hope you can check us out again and that you have a more positive experience. Cheers.


The DVD is not out yet, but you can order it right from my web store which ships to every country in the world. Just make sure you hit the International button. Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot!

I appreciate all your feedback, guys.

Goodnight from Atlantic City, NJ
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