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Default Re: Any singers here?

I started out singing a few backing vocals, then progressed to lead vocals. Now I sing about 8 songs per gig. I use a headset mic, since I am not comfortable trying to play and keep my head in the same position using a boom mic. My voice is pitched higher than the rest of the band, so I sing some Skynyrd, CCR, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Cream, Steppenwolf, etc. Occassionally I try and sing harmony, but I am not trained for this type of singing, so I sometimes mess those up. I'm best sticking with the melody.

I have also been singing karaoke for a few years now, which really helps honing your voice and getting used to singing in front of others. I even bought a karaoke system for my house that we use during parties, and it is a real blast.
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