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Default Re: New iron cobras = useless tama....

Originally Posted by Typo View Post
After having my Rolling Glide double for 10 months, the right pedal spring broke. A little better than 6 weeks, but I'm still kind of disappointed. I mean, how common is it for springs to break?...
If you're a gigging drummer, spare pedal springs are just one of several items that are a must for the pocket in your stick bag. This is nothing to do with Tama, or DW, or anyone else who supplies springs with bass drum pedals. It's a replaceable engineering part - sometimes you get millions of cycles, sometimes you only get thousands, but everything eventually breaks or wears out. It just so happens you got thousands with this one. Replace it with the correct spring, you'll probably get millions out of the next one - but if it breaks in a similar period of time then there may be a problem with the pedal setup.
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