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Default Re: New iron cobras = useless tama....

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Karl mentioned replacing that hinge, now you Bo. Is there something I'm not aware of regarding the life expectancy of those hinges? I just don't see how they could fail, under normal playing. Do the castings crack or something?
If you look at the design evolution of the DW pedal from the old Camco design, you'll notice it began as a relatively simple door hinge. Over time, my old hinges became loose because the hinge part became wider as you worked the pedal over time, causing it to be replaced because you couldn't tighten it up. I've seen hinges bend at the connection point to the bottom of the pedal plate - it's really the only goofy design flaw of the Camco. This is why we've seen DW bulk up their pedals, and create the delta hinge, their answer to a weak design flaw.

If you look at the Tama Camco pedal, what they did to improve it was to eliminate the separate hinge. The foot pedal has a notch cut out of the bottom of it, and the heel has a protruding piece that fits into the footpedal notch. They then simply put a hardened steel rod through the heel and footpedal. I've never had a problem with this design and it's simpler and eliminates a piece to the pedal! It cuts down on weight and allows the pedal to be cheaper at the point of sale.

It's funny that DW really sold the ol' 5000 on it being light and it giving you the ability to fly on it. Fast forward 30 years and now the DW5000 and 9000 are about the biggest and heaviest we've ever used.
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