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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Hi Tim,
congrats on your world record!!!

I'm pretty late with that, sorry. I stumbled across your YouTube tutorials several times and I can only admire when real pro drummers take the time to explain things in a clear way so others can benefit from you. Well, I'm envious of your feet, haha. I also appreciate that despite all that technical stuff, you stress the importance of making music - skills can be a great benefit (in fact, many things simply demand having good technique), but it's the balanced musical result which counts in the end.

(I'm playing for 1 year now and find doublebass fascinating, practicing for several hours per day, almost daily. My max speed: heel-up 240 bpm, heel-toe 260 bpm. My hands are way slower, haha.)
Thanks for the kind words and glad you like the vids.
My feet are comfortable so im working on some hand stuff now.
Ive ALWAYS been about MUSIC Ive been playing in bands since I was 16.
Ive played everything from Country to Death Metal.
I organized my Youtube page to show bands here
God Bless
Tim Waterson
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