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Default Re: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson

Originally Posted by coffeebeans View Post
I am a huge Roots fan and equally as big a fan of Questo as well. But,

I can't believe Long Time hasn't been mentioned yet. His drumming in that is absolutely ridiculous and it's a mental exercise just trying to follow him every time I hear that song.

I drove from Rochester NY to Philly and back in one day just to see the Roots play live. Obsessed? Yep.
Long Time features a crazy cool groove, kind of similar in difficulty to Rising Up. It's obviously played with a much different attitude, but that's also a cool song to play to. If you check out his grooves on the John Legend/Roots album, some of those are also a bit much to keep up with, and are definitely some of his more noteworthy grooves.
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