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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I owned the DW 9002 for a while this year, ended up trading it for an IC +$150. Loved the action on the 9000 a lot, but the heel plate and hinge design is annoying and uncomfortabe for me. And the adjustments are not very easy to make. Its over engineered a bit. I found adjusting the slave pedal to match the master difficult as well.

The IC I think is a better value overall. Its got great action as well, very smooth and responsive. The adjustments are super easy to make. My only gripe is the heel plate is a bit bulky as well. The IC is $180 cheaper than the 9002.

Both pedals also have bulky cams which make it a bit uncomfortable to use the very top of the footboard. I like using every available inch of the footboard for heel toe.

I used the Yamaha felt beaters on both the 9000 and IC.

I have not owned the Pearl Eliminator or Mapex Falcon yet, but they are on my list. I really want to try the 8000 longboards as well, maybe they can be had at big discounts since the entire 8000 line has been discontinued.
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