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I'm 29 years old, I have been involved in music all my life. My mother was a singer, her brother a singer/guitar player, my grandfather was a music teacher by trade. I have been a vocalist for as long as I could talk, and I also play guitar. I just purchased a Gammon starter drum kit. I wanted to purchase something that I could play, but not invest too much money until I decided it was something that I wanted to dedicate myself too. I was impressed at how good this little cheap kit sounds. Don't get me wrong, they are not Pearls or Tamas, but after spending some time tuning them, they don't sound bad at all. The cymbals on the other hand are junk. They literally sound like banging on trash can lids. I will be ordering better ones very soon. I will try to get some pics of the set up soon. As far as musical interest goes, I enjoy all forms of music from classical, to bluegrass, to country, to rock and metal. Since ordering the drum set and poking around on the web, I'm really starting to like Jazz as well. Some of those drummers are amazing and make the hardest licks look like a walk in the park. If I had to pick one genre of music that I would call my favorite though, I would have to say rock/metal. (older metal, not the newer cookie monster vocals stuff)
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