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Default Re: Double Bass Left Foot Strength

To me, left foot hihat and left foot double pedal feel totally different - I do both (beginner, 1 year of drumming) and doing one of them doesn't help the other (or just to a minor extent). I do practice double bass a lot and also struggle with the left foot being noticeably weaker. Focus on your left foot! For strenghtening the weaker double bass foot, I wouldn't recommend a left hand hihat setup though (this will obviously and primarily strengthen the left foot hihat playing) - concentrate on the left foot, but practice on the bassdrum pedal. Start slow to build control. I reached decent speed on the doublebass but the difference in foot strength is what I'm always working on, I guess that strength relationship won't really change in the future. The speed barrier simply increases and the same patterns at certain tempos will feel easier with time.

In addition to practicing the left foot only, I also practice any doublebass pattern with the left foot leading, involving both feet.

Don't forget to adjust the left pedal spring tension to make up for the natural weakness of the left foot to some extent. Having an identical tension on both pedals, the weaker foot has more work to do - which can be considered a benefit (= more workout) but... you get it.

I have just purchased footweights and am curious to see the benefits. I'll use them on both feet. I'm playing heel-up and heel-toe and to me, footweights make more sense for heel-up.

Positioning the feet differently on the footplate can also (to an extent) compensate for the weaker left foot - farther away from the beater creates more momentum.
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