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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Jason
How long have you been playing: I played from 17 to 30. Just starting again at 40.
My top drummers: Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Ian Paice
Make of drumkit: DW
Make of cymbal: Zildjian
Where do you practice: Home
Are you in a band: Not yet
Do you play covers or originals: Both.
What style of music: Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock & Metal
Favorite take out food: In N' Out Burger
What country do you live in: USA
How did you start drumming: Listening to Motley Crue.

Thanks for having me. I just got back into drumming after a LONG time. Recently ordered a DW Collectors series kit in twisted white silk with black nickel hardware. The sizes are 18x26 bass, 9x13 tom tom, 12x14 and 14x16 floor toms, and a 6.5x13 Tama black nickel steel snare. The hardware and cymbals include a DW 5000 Accelerator single bass pedal, 16" and 18" Zildjian Z Custom crashes and I'm hoping to top it off with Zildjian A Custom hi-hats, ride, and 16" & 18" crashes with a Oriental Trash China, 12" splash and a 9.5" Zil-Bel inverted riding piggy back on the ride like Tommy Lee. Within 6 months I'm looking to get a DW bronze snare. I'm buying the hardware piece by piece as I am budgeting myself out. Pics will be posted when the kit arrives within 4 to 6 weeks.
UPDATE: Kit arrived on 09/30/11.
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