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Originally Posted by Juoni
Hmmm... His grooves are awesome at least in terms of how tricky a funk groove can be. But there's something in his time. I think he's always rushing a bit. Well, maybe rushing is too strong word but u know what I mean. Not laying back I guess.
Innovator in funk drumming anyway.
I've been studying his style for a couple of years now and I can agree with you in the sense that he does tend to play on top of the beat. He himself has said in interviews that all things being equal he tends to rush or push ahead. This is probably the case when listening to TOP. The style of their music is mostly based around a syncopated and agressive 16th note pulse. This rhythmic foundation can tend to make the time feel rushed from time to time. When a sub drummer filled in with TOP for a few weeks, he commented how Emilio Castillo (Band Leader) kept telling him to "push it." Obvioulsy DG understands his mindset. However, his pulse is much more relaxed on their ballads and mid-tempo straight ahead songs.

Funk drumming has many feels and interpretations.o itself. Listen to Al Jackson's playing with Al Green. He's so far behind the beat it sounds like yesteray! It's all about the song, band, singer, etc.

Having said all of that, I think DG is the MAN! He is a true original.
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