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Default Re: New guy in here!

Originally Posted by Messerschmitt View Post
I tought about that earlier, but they have a strange mounting sistem, looks like they`re riveted to the wrap or something... The badge on the snare is also riveted to the shell.I don`t know how they would look without the badges and with some "dots" on the wrap, so i guess i`ll keep them this way, for now. Or, i could flip the toms so that the badge faces the drummer, like i did on the 12" tom.
By the way, I just bought these today:

I don`t really have a clue how cheap used cymbals should be, but these costed me around 55 euros... I have no idea what they are stained with, but for now they`ll stay like this. I`m quite afraid of cymbal cleaning solvents, as i don`t like the idea of loosing the logos. I`ll give them a vinegar wash, through...
Piste 2002's are awesome cymbals!
Nice kit, it has a lot of charm and character. And hey, if those guys making fun of you on their Starclassics can't play half as well, you win! It's the player, not the bat/racket/stick. :)
Take care of your drums, one day they'll be vintage!
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