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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

If many of them were employed many of them would probably not be rioting.
True, unfortunately they don't WANT to be employed a lot of them. Or if they do, they're not putting in enough effort to become employed. Having said that, it is surprising the bakgrounds some of these people came from. The first man convicted at court over the rioting (they've fast tracked the courts system for the riots) was a 31 year old teacher.

Nice commentary, but let me remind you that while there are parasites at the bottom there are plenty of working-class people who work their butts off.

Not everyone who is poor because it is there own fault as some people will insist on saying.
+1. That's what makes me more angry about the riots is the fact that these spoilt little chavs complain about being on a council estate when there are plenty of people in the same boat who have made something respectable out of themselves.
Underworked, underpaid and under-sexed...

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