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Default Re: Nathan Followill

I personally love his drumming.
He plays Zildjian now I'm pretty sure because on "Pyro", "Back Down South" and on VH storytellers he uses them. I got this from a website.

"Nathan's new Zildjian setup includes:
15" A Zildjian New Beat HiHats
8" A Custom Splash
20" A Custom Crash
20" K Light Flat Ride
24" A Zildjian Medium Ride
24" K Light Ride"

I think he uses those ride cymbals to crash on, he does quite a bit of crash riding (eg: Use Somebody), I would have thought it was bad to crash ride cymbals so much.

I watched VH storytellers and I don't know if the mix wasn't don't properly or something but the Zildjian's sound so weak compared to his old 2002's

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