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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
When the people who are idle outnumber those who are productive, a society is doomed.
That was exactly the aim of technology. Remember the promises? Hey, it's okay that people are losing their jobs now because technology will usher in a glorious new age of leisure - to the point where the challenge will be in people knowing how to handle all that leisure time!

One person will be able to do the work of many - and that bit came true. Productivity is through the roof as compared with the old, manual days. Funny thing, with all that extra productivity we ended up working harder and longer and that increased productivity didn't turn into leisure but big, fat juicy profits for our corporate masters and outrageously paid executives ... all largely protected by tax loopholes..

The parasites at the top and the bottom both feed on middle class tax (and sweat and stress). Then when tensions blow up the middle class mugs the ones most affected.
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