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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
No. These people take money from the Governments Unemployed programme where they get 200 a week for sitting around doing nothing! What do they spend it on? Simple answer. Drink and drugs.
Where I live in Scotland about 60-70% of the population consumed are these people.
They take our taxes and they're now trying to say they also pay taxes which is why they are looting! People work hard and these people sit in they're house injecting and gazing into space then go out and try and fight.
I've encountered this at a train station once. Waiting on a train myself and someone presumably on heroin (that's all he talked about) approaches me trying to fight me until he gave up and went in the corner and then started trying to talk to me about how he's being chased by the police and I was really scared and how he hates everything and he's been "unemployed since he left school". I think the guys now in jail and I don't feel sorry for these wastes of space. Unemployment is an issue yes. But there are plenty of jobs for them and if they actually tried to get a job our country wouldn't need to pay as much tax for these wastes of space to drug up all day and use it as an excuse to do nothing.

The economy would also be much better if they actually worked and a good percentage of people in the UK are unemployed.
I hear you. In some American states, like California, there are more people who depend on government money, than pay taxes and support things. When the people who are idle outnumber those who are productive, a society is doomed.
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