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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Evilbagua View Post
I've sold and bought literally hundreds of things off Craigslist and networked via the musicans section dozens of times in the past few years. However it seems now anyone I talk to is insane. Is it just me in my city or are people on craigslist getting stupider?

Situation 1- I respond to an ad with 3 drums pictured and no phone number. I send an email and ask what sizes are the drums? can I call you to set up a time to check them out" my reply was "No we don't deal with scammers go fish for some phonenumbers elsewhere expletive" Was that called for? why wouldn't I ask for a phone number if one wasn't listed? I emailed them using a .edu email account...huh?

Situation 2- I have an ad up looking for a guitarist. I get a response "Looking still?" I reply yes and send maybe 4-5 sentances of information about the band pretty standard stuff and ask them a few questions. My reply back is in all caps and just says "DIDNT ASK FOR YOUR expletive LIFE STORY GEEZ"

Am I crazy or is everyone else on CL crazy?
HA! Not the sharpest cookies in the shed there.

I have found some flakes. When I put in ads to find people to play with I add in "NO SMOOTH JAZZ OR ANKLE MONITORING BRACELETS" and that shoos away the undesirables.
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