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Default Re: New guy in here!

Hey there, guys!
Here`s some new pics with my beloved ones:

As you can see, i`ve got myself (finally!!) the Gretsch reso head i`ve always wanted and a Remo Controlled Sound snare head. It`s been a pain saving the money, but it`s well worth. The reso head is thick and coated, and it also has a dampfening ring, just like the Powerstroke 3 on the batter head. That black thing around the hole is an add-on I got for strengthening and to make cutting the hole a piece of cake. It sounds amazing right now,and it looks even better then it sounds. What i`m missing now would be some wooden hoops, just as the Catalina model from Gretsch...
Also, the snare head is AWESOME! I managed to re-round the shell (wasn`t that much of a trouble) and i tuned just the way i like it. I can get that muted-like, almost-no-ring sound, even without any dampfening.I never taught i could get that much of the ring from a steel shell. Also, it has an awesome WHACK!, it`s loud as hell...
Also, i`ve changed the venue and finally got in a band, we play heavy-thrash-neoclassical metal... something like Malmsteen meets Bach meets Megadeth...pretty technical stuff.. We have our rehearsal room in a basement wich, as you can see, is pretty well soundproofed. Now, i don`t have that much reverb, so it doesn`t kill my ears after rehersals...
Let me know what you think :)

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