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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

I add my support to the "level headed" views of our DW members across the pond. Having travelled extensively over your way going on some 35 years the anger I feel towards this type of mindless actions is best left not totally spoken {printed} on the forum.

Seeing poor innocent folks left homeless and their life business's gone not to mention hertitage buildings gone like you see in Croydon that survived bombing in 2 wars leaves me quite upset. Spent a month in Croydon as well as in recent years some time in Manchester. Seeing what has taken place in both those locations as well as many others under "fire" i've visited long enough to get to know the locals has made me quite sad.

Vancouver had it own mindless riot this year with the same content of mindless idiots doing the same "Darwin Award Winning" crimes. Same stupid crap, different this case at present a country which I consider a second home.

Save the jail space {and free food} and throw the whole bunch of them in the Thames........

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