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I 'discovered' him only recently (I'm a drum beginner - 1 year playing - and wasn't very much interested in drum(mer)s before I started playing drums). Judging from the YouTube snippets of his DVD, he's an extremely nice modest guy who loves to share technique and stuff. It's shocking how relaxed his playing is, totally effortlessly. For his genres, he shows remarkable creativity. I'm not (at least yet) really into extreme drumming (as a listener, although this fascinates me purely technically/in a physical aspect), but Gene is special. What drummer puts on foot weights on gigs???? Hahaha, that's... Gene. No further explanation needed.

Update 08/14/2011
Footweights have arrived (2x 5 lbs) yesterday - this weight is more than enough to make a serious difference (I've underestimated those!). Less beneficial for heel-toe but the more for heel-up. Thanks Gene, cool practice idea.

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