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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Mini rant;

"Disaffected youth" is the term used by the softie PC brigade. Yeah right! I was dragged up out of an orphanage on the dock road of Liverpool, & I didn't go round shitting in my own nest! When will these spoilt little scroungers learn that, even if you're a homeless guy in the UK, you're still in the top 10% of the most wealthy citizens on this planet.

I often hear "well, they're bored" as an excuse for their lack of self control. They're bored, because they're not starving! If they were constantly hungry (i.e. like half the planet), they wouldn't have time to be bored, they'd be consumed with the task of keeping themselves alive. These idiots need a dose of world reality, not "reality TV"!!!

Sorry, end of mini rant.
True andy. These pathetic little kids are not starving to death on the streets. They live in a country which provides a soft landing for people who are unable to work and abuse it just because they can't be arsed to go into further education or get a job. Now they're running riot nicking whatever they feel like just because they know the softie coppers aren't going to do anything about it. This is no longer about politics or civil unrest, it's just stupid spoilt little chav cunts nicking stuff because they can. I am usually a leftie liberal softie guardian reading type, but right now I swear if I had any sort of decent weapon i would go out tonight and kill any fuckers i see breaking into a shop or trying to set fire to something.

On a musical note, apparently Dawsons in manchester has been broken into and the little scroates have gone and nicked all the guitars. What really tops it off though is that they've been using these valuable instruments to smash the windows of pound shops so they can go and nick some cheap tat! Wankers.
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