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Default Re: Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Secondly, as far as I understand this was a Distribution Centre, not a factory. It has major implications on Sony's power on the retail market in England and I hope Sony continue to exist in the UK after all the major setbacks they've had this year. I grew up with a Sony stereo in my parents' living room and a Sony TV in the lounge and I've always had an affection for their electronics products. It's a real blow to a lot of very hard-working people that work for Sony. Not only that; it's a blow to all those hardworking business owners that have had their shops and businesses ruined by mindless vandalism.
I grew up with a discman and a 9" Sony TV from the 80's when I was little aswell as playstations. The 9" Sony TV was in my room on a wall bracket I can remember that because my mum and dad had just got a new 22" Box TV. Hahaha.
Sony have good stuff and not to mention most of my favourite artists are signed to Sony BMG and if that disappeared from the UK I'd also be devastated.

All the hard working people in England don't deserve what's going on. People have tried to start riots up here in Scotland in Aberdeen and Glasgow and as soon as a post was made on Facebook police would track the IP and arrest people as young as 15. So the police up here are actually being ok for once (just ok... They're worthless up here).
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