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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Mark S--



Thanks for the lovely note. I'm flattered you enjoy my playing and that "Tears of Joy" spoke to you in some way. That is from my Methods and Mechanics DVD that came out in '08. Jerry Goodman wrote that, and he's a genius. I do "Going On 17" by Jerry in my new DVD, Methods and Mechanics II that come out in September. I love that composition too. He writes such wonderful pieces of music and I'm really glad that you dug what you heard. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me! Keep playing, and keep your mind open for all kinds of influences that you can mix to find your own voice on the instrument.

To anyone who's interested, I'm taking pre orders on "Methods and Mechanics II" on my new web store. Autographed copies are also available, and cover poster art, cds, and the original M&M DVD is there too. Pre orders will ship before the release date! Below is a link to the title sequence trailer and then my store link.

Thanks, guys. Hope you dig what you see and hear-
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