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Default Sony's UK HQ/Factory burned to the ground.

Currently here in the UK (well, England. Not Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. I live in Scotland) there has been riots which started over a gangster being shot dead after firing at police officers. Many other thugs have been smashing up England and burning places aswell as breaking into stores and looting everything they can for nothing.

A shopping mall has been burned to the ground, an iconic furniture store has also been burned aswell as many homes and other places. One of them being Sony.

Inside the Sony factory was the UK's Sony record publishing and this is bad for the Music industry and many artists like Jessie J have went to Twitter to try and get help.
People are calling themselves 'anarchists' but I think they mean arsonists.

here is a video

This is absolutely ridiculous. A target was also Jamie Oliver's Birmingham restaurant which has been broken into and destroyed.

I sincerely hope everyone in England stays safe and everything will be restated in the near future.
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