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Default Re: Female Rock Voices.

Ooh.. I love rock ladies.

Shirley Manson - Garbage
Brody Dalle - The Distillers
Hayley Williams - Paramore
Debbie Harry - Blondie
Maja Ivarsson - The Sounds
Joan Jett

And yeah, go ahead, flame me, I don't care, I still love her:

Avril Lavigne :D


Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Simone Simons, Epica, mezzo-soprano.
I once saw Epica live, this girl was dressed pretty much like in your pics, a whole leather-strapped outfit and that long red amazing hair.. Oh boy, she could have sung out of tune the entire show and no guy in the audience would've noticed. Really, she is that hot, and also an amazing singer.

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