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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Wow! You guys have me blushing with happiness right now ! Thanks so much !

Just a short update as to whats going on.

We are officially a LLC company now. Work has begun on the business plan to take to the bank, hopefully they won't be to bummed out with recent tank of the dow. I should have the plan done within 30 days. I wish it was tomorrow but the person helping me unfortunately has a job so he helps in his spare time.

Machine shop had a few issues , nothing big , but none the less has pushed back the production.

In the mean time I have been busy working on a shell that I believe has never been invented before. I'm still working on a couple different prototypes to see how far I can push the design but in a nut shell this is what I've got.
I've designed a shell that works with the lugs that allows you to reverse the shell for two completely different sounds.
One way gives you a very dry sound, sort of like when people throw on their wallets or moon gel , to get that muffled sound. Many of the metal and gospel players seem to like this sound. And you keep all of the volume of the drum without the BIG holes that some makers use. Rimshots are cannon shots!

Now remove the head and flip the shell over and you have your wide open , ton of resonance sound that many others like.
The interesting thing is that the drum retains all of its sensitivity regardless of which way you have the shell. And as Bob and Harry found out, you can't choke it, even with this shell design.

Its been out being played for the past couple of weeks by the business partners and each of them has been floored by it. One of them has already dragged it into to his studio to record with it.
I'll have much more on this as soon as I get all of the feedback in and adjustments are made.

With the things that are happening beyond my control , this just keeps my excitement level high!


p.s. Awesome looking snare Bob. I'm so glad that its working out for you and for Harry.
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