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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
So I apologize for being one of those guys who changes drumkits like I change my underwear. I can't help myself. But what of those people who collect guitars and other wooden musical instruments? Hell, what about all that furniture being made and buildings being built? Houses? I think the Home Depot probably sells more wood in a month then Pearl uses to fill a shipping container to send drums to America. Personally, I'm not so sure instrument manufacturers are the prime culprits of deforestation.

I love my bubinga drums and because of the sonic properties I get with them, I'm not planning on selling them and getting a new set any time soon ;)

But you never know.
Musical instruments are a tiny part of the issue, but they're in the mix and I am going to take responsibility for my tiny slice of the pie. Plus, homes and most furniture is made out of cheap, fast-growing softwoods in the US and Canada, or other commercial forests.

It's the jungles that grow exotic hardwoods that are most at risk. These are in Third World nations with corrupt politicians and desperate people. Some of them will destroy their forests, habitat and watersheds to sell timber, some of which will wind up in your drum set.
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