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None of us will EVER be that good. Face it. And it's ok. Because you can still love to play music and be good in your own ways. But only a jealous fool or musical incompetent would not be in total awe of Weckl's abilities and technique. He has it all, and I guess some people just can't handle it. Too bad. Too sad. For them.
Sounds like a fanboy statment.

Things like good, better, best, greatest, ect is all subjective especially when you consider the enormity of the world of music, it's history and all it genres and ultimatly peoples varying tastes in it.

And from what I've read so far it seems he's only (or mosty) being praised for his advanced "technique". Technique is important but not the be all end all to musicians and musianship like it's made out to be.Things like creativity and showmanship get over overshadowed far too often by technical abilities, aswell as chemistry with the band mates, ect.

There is no "greatest" drummer in the world.

What Would Ian Paice Do?
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