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Originally Posted by ZildjianRock View Post
None of us will EVER be that good. Face it. And it's ok. Because you can still love to play music and be good in your own ways. But only a jealous fool or musical incompetent would not be in total awe of Weckl's abilities and technique. He has it all, and I guess some people just can't handle it. Too bad. Too sad. For them.
Ok, with all respect, but judging from your own comments here you don't understand most
of the licks, chops etc Dave Weckl plays - and Vinnie too, for that matter - and how what
they play functions according to the pulse. So don't you agree that you're not really in the
position to tell whether or not a) Dave Weckl is the best drummer in the world, and b)
anybody will be that good?
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