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Default Re: Video: Eloy Casagrande

Originally Posted by T-1000
Hehe, aahz, d'ya think the sonic properties of this ride are applicable to this guys (obviously metal influenced) drumming?

well geez you see players from all genres playing all different low end to high end lines, when you know they all could afford the better sounding cymbals. Dolmayan from System of a Down plays Superstars and Paiste Signatures! But then you see another huge band like Green Day for instance and Trey Cool plays ZXTs or something ... I don't get it.

But a great sounding cymbal is a great sounding cymbal! Who wouldnt wanna use it (besides T.C. and others)?

But his drumming isn't incredibly metal influenced. He has too many chops for that haha. His fills are metal influenced, but other than that it's mostly latin. And I don't think the Dark Energy Ride is bright and cutting enough for a metal band.
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