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Originally Posted by t-bone View Post
neal is amazing....when i started playing, he was my biggest influence...on top of being such a kick ass and creative drummer, one of the few guys out there who was a true rock my eyes, he can do no wrong....\m/
Same here. He was THE GUY that got me started with drums. Billion Dollar Babies and Halo of Flies being the two primary pieces but as I got further into the Alice Cooper catalog I found even more material that was astounding (Raped and Freezing, My Stars, Black Juju, ect). I know that the guys in the original Alice Cooper Group were not the most technical or skilled players out their, but they had a style and attitude that could not be replicated and this was especially true with Neal and his drumming. I think he (Neal Smith), along with bassist Dennis Dunaway, was the most proficient with his instrument in the band. Alice himself was a O.K. singer and the two guitarists were proficient players but not great by any means, but the tag team of Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway was/is one of the most underrated drum+bass rhythm sections in rock music.

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