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My Dad bought a new iMac today and it came with a free download of Lion. I took advantage and made a disk to install onto my 2006 iMac. So far, Lion feels pretty good.

I like Mission Control. I had other ways around the desktop management (which I use a LOT on my laptop particularly because I have all kinds of applications open at the same time and need to organise) but Mission Control is good. I also like the 'Full Screen' button on some of the applications. The 'state restore' on restart is a very nice function too and surprised me when I first saw it - I'd completely forgotten about it.

The iCal graphics are horrible. Front Row was uninstalled (and I'm a regular Front Row user) but managed to get it back with the help of Google and some cunning. The auto-correct in Safari is deeply irritating and I'm just going to disable it now. I can actually spell and don't want a browser telling me how to.

I quite like Lion. We'll see how it goes.
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